1 down 8 eight to go

8 november 2018 - Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mexico

I am celebrating a little anniversary. I arrived in Tuxtla 9th of October. I am now writing this, lying in bed very tired, at 8th of november in the evening. That means if I close my eyes now I will crash into a deep and hopefully relaxing sleep and I can officially check off "survive the first month in Tuxtla" off my bucketlist. It also means tomorrow starts a new day for me (let's all hope so), a new month, a good moment to refresh the mind and take a fresh start with renewed confidence.

There is no suffering without happiness

No struggle without any peace

No defeat without joy of victory

And no loss without gain's lease

No Autumn without sparkling Spring

No winter without splendid Summer

No coldness without a touch of warmth

And no bitterness without sweet hummer

There is no wrong without a right

No tears without a tender smile

No reality without an emerging dream

And no weakness without strength's pile

So hang in there my dear friend

And never plan to ever quit

We all know at time life is difficult

And also harsh, bleak and a misfit

But remember that you have an option

To pick and color your life's cart

And win this race of running time

By awakening Spring in your heart

And surround yourself completely

With inspiration, motivation and care

To fill life's empty and hollow space

With countless and tender prayers

So you can learn life's valuable lessons

Those can warm up your weaken heart

And help you to always choose happiness

That will give you a clean and a fresh start. 

Seema Chowdhury

I wish you all a good night and that you might have the most fantastical dreams. I hope tomorrow you can wake up with a feeling of re-emerging energy. I hope you feel like you drank from the refreshing fountain of yought. I hope that you will just close your eyes for a few seconds and that you will find, in those few seconds, peace of mind, strength and motivation for a strategic attack on your life struggles and the courage to start tabula rasa if necessary. 

So Long

B. Supertramp 

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  1. Wim:
    9 november 2018
    Nice inspiring refelctions dearest Benny, and this on the day your granddad would have celiberated his 99th anniversary. So a double nine. Hope to see and hear you on skype very soon.
  2. Benjamin Supertramp:
    9 november 2018
    Gelukkige verjaardag, Peter Gaston x
  3. Sam:
    11 november 2018
    One month down, undetermined number of months left to go would be a better title ;-) Good luck and have fun over there! Can’t wait to hear the stories and see the pictures. Especially of the pinguins once you get there! :D
  4. Benjamin Supertramp:
    11 november 2018
    Merci Sam en ja ik bedoelde het aantal maanden in Mexico, daarna zullen er inderdaad nog x aantal volgen met een vrijere invulling :) pinguïns weet ik niet of dat er gaat inzitten, but x who knows :p

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